“Dreams are Conversation Starters” ~Ennis Rawlings (Chief Operations Officer)

  • Jody Rawlings - Owner, Founder, and published Artist

    Welcome to Unreined! Thank you for visiting and I encourage you to explore my latest collections.

    About Me:
    I come from humble beginnings being in a military family as my father served in the US Army, a Vietnam Vet. Getting an education was required in our home and I am honored to say I am the first person in my family to have graduated college. Under an academic scholarship, I attended and graduated from the University of Washington.
    From early childhood, I always could view the world through a different lens and use art as my voice. My parents called it "God's Gift" and I should let the world be blessed with my gift. However, I chose a different path from what my parents had envisioned for me and went into Finance and my career lasted in this arena for over 25 years.
    I have now moved into a new journey and path and have chosen to use my voice with my art. I want to connect to you, the viewer and customer, to make your home and life a conversation through art.

    About My Work:
    I'm a multi-disciplined, mixed-media and published artist. My art is always the manifestation of my journey in this thing we call life. I firmly believe in "We Are Art". All things that exist, even the unknown, are creations, a work of art. Without art all things become extinct.
    I share my vision and voice, through my art, with the world in the hopes of starting a dialogue and invoking emotions of relatability and even uncomfortableness. My aspiration is for a deeper connection between you and your life journey regardless of the medium I use to produce my art.
    While the rawness and unfettered nature of who I am is the main influence on my work, I continue to explore and create artwork from all aspects of myself and the art arena. My art is meant to challenge your preconceptions and tap into your inner unreined psyche.
    I welcome you to explore my site and I know something will speak to you.

    Always Remember - We Are Art! Art not only makes a home, but it also feeds our souls.
    Welcome to Unreined!